The 'One Luv' Project

Every Website you purchase, Bow Tie Kreative will donate one to a person with a disability

In our lives, we all experience difficulties; but, could you imagine if you were a person with a mental or physical disability, how challenging your life could be? Most of us don't think about these things; however, individuals with disabilities are faced with many hurdles, despite the fact that they receive social assistance through friends and family; government agencies and programs.

Social support provides aid, but it doesn't fully subsidize one's income, which prompts one to search for multiple sources, including finding a job. However, if you have a disability, you are faced with the myriad of barriers, including negative attitudes from employers and inaccessibility to transportation, which can prevent one from getting hired for a job. Concluding that people with disabilities often feel trapped in a 'welfare' system, as they must rely on social assistance, even though they want to work and in some cases have to.

person with a disabiliy  on computer
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A free website can go a long way

That's why we, at Bow Tie Kreative, want to make a difference. We offer a service that might not seem relevant to some, yet we believe that giving people with disabilities access to a free website can improve their standard of living and quality of life. Here are the benefits of our program:

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Additional Services

In addition to providing a free website, The 'One Luv' project will offer consultative services*, for organizations and individuals, who want to improve the lives of those who have disabilities, whether the assistance is needed in the workforce or at home. These services include: 

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Supportive Employment

Ability to assist in supportive employment. We can develop interest questionnaires for prospective clients, brainstorming ideas in the direction of entrepreneurship. Equipped with training individuals with disabilities how to take on a leadership role. Strength building development, empowering others to achieve high placed goals.

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Positive Behavior Support Plan

We can develop intervention protocol through a positive behavior support plan. Front Line Worker - Consult with professional team Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, and Speech-Language Pathologists to develop IPP (Individual Personal Plan) with family and client to develop wants and needs discussed to create a positive, inclusive, and beneficial environment for all involved.

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Family or Client Support Group

Extensive training, and experience in running a support group. We can facilitate, active listening, learning opportunities, and engage others in exploring their feelings, and managing life coping skills. Giving tools, resources, while allowing a safe place for others to engage.

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Mental Health First Aid – For Adults who work with Youth

Led and facilitated evening, weekend, and 2 day long classes to teachers, social workers, EMT, and Police. Will drive to teach in small towns over Southern Alberta and surrounding areas. Collaborated well as a team successfully with other professionals to deliver MHFA-Youth training.

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Program Facilitator

From a diverse background on disabilities, primarily related to Mental Health. Oaitse Hellard has a Diploma in Disability Studies from Mount Royal University and is finishing her Bachelor of Science Degree in Community Rehabilitation Disability Studies at the University of Calgary. She has experience in the area of Mental Health completing six contracts volunteering for the Distress Centre over four years. Oaitse taught a Mental Health First Aid Course, such as police, social workers and teachers. Recently, she completed a research internship program and is preparing to write a peer-reviewed journal article for the Cumming School of Medicine in the area of Mental Health. Through her academic and professional journey, Oaitse has discovered a lifelong passion and wishes to pass her experience and expertise on to others to further empower and break down the stigma within society. Oaitse is committed to advocating and empowering individuals and the community that are marginalized or oppressed by society.