One Luv' Waiting List

The One Luv' Project is a unique and innovative initiative that is a leader in providing and empowering individuals with disabilities an avenue to Improve their quality of life. We provide a bridge for building a social community. We allow individuals to carve out their personal career goals while providing their own accommodations. Bow Tie Kreative is a strength-based organization, and with that, we bring that vision into the community and build on strengths in every avenue of our business.

Due to the interest and intrigue of the One Luv' Project, we have had to streamline our processes, so each entrepreneur with a disability that Bow Tie Kreative will be representing receives equal opportunity to be represented, supported to reach their Dream job and full capacity to have socially valued role in society. As a result we have to establish a waiting list, in order to better serve each individual receives our outlined commitment to the best of our ability. Bow Tie Kreative - Software and Consulting Development Company - collectively rewriting your history from the cloud.

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