Purchase a website and donate one to an entrepreneur with a disability

We will donate a website on your behalf to an organization that is also giving back to the community creating a 'Pay it forward' value system throughout your company. Which allows for a positive outlook for your stake holders..


Our initiative gives your company a presence, and stage within the global community.

This program empowers individuals with disabilities to make a better quality of life in the following ways: It empowers individuals to guide their own career path as an entrepreneur. It allows for individuals to carve out their careers to accommodate their needs. And it provides an entrepreneur with disabilities to showcase their strengths, skills, and successes.


Michael was Bow Tie Kreative's Inspiration to launch this program

Michael has been an entrepreneur since he moved to Kelowna, owning several businesses such as running a Gas Station, Valet Service, Courier Service, Mobile Billboard, Website and SEO Service.
He's also been in politics running for civic city council 5 times. He is now an Inspirational Speaker sharing his amazing story throughout Canada. Inspiring people to overcome their challenges with integrity.