Bow Tie Kreative’s mission is to help small business owners free up time.

At BTK we understand the importance of our customers staying focused on their business. A plumbing company needs to focused on attending to clients and working on unplugging clogs, replacing parts, while Bow Tie Kreative concentrances on the website so clients can find them.

In choosing a monthly maintenance plan you can leave the technical details to us. In a construction company, that needs to organize a list of clients over a period of months to years, including mapping out progress and analyzing other distributive data. BTK will be on top of all of this cluster of data, organizing in a detailed format streamlining for one person to manage.

Let Bow Tie Kreative keep your business website current by updating old information with fresh content. An accounting firm wouldn’t need to stress about updating revenue Canada yearly blogs on changes in tax information yearly. BTK would update the website on yearly basis to accommodate changes bi-annually to make sure their clients are aware and well informed.

Contact Bow Tke Kreatie today, let us focus on your site, while you focus on your business.

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