| The Way We Find and Listen to Music Has Changed

The Way We Find and Listen to Music Has Changed


The way we find and listen to music has changed over the last 50 years, from vinyl, to A-Trak, to cassette, to compact disk, to iTunes. All while radio air time, was the way in which a band got noticed or even signed to a record label. Over the past decade, artists, having been having difficulty fighting the effects of piracy, and getting found or noticed by a record label. New technology and apps have been created that due what the radio once did, only with more efficiency, and efficacy such as: 1. Songza – a free app that allows you to listen and browse by category, theme, and culture a playlist created by another user. 2. Sound Cloud – a free app that allows you to create your own playlist, and upload your own recordings so other kind find and make popular your songs, 3. ITunes – paid app that allows you to pay for songs, therefore paying the artist for their contribution going to a top 100 list allowing the artist to get noticed, 4. Play store – a paid app that allows you to pay monthly fee to create playlists of songs of your choosing, and more innovative app recently is 5. Shazam – which gives artists an opportunity to post their song, and allows record labels to see which song has been downloaded the most, giving artists more leeway and credibility to their sound, likeability, talent, and advancement in their career.

Bow Tie Kreative can create such apps that can draw the audience in to listen to songs never heard, draw the audience, and change the face of music, as well as create musician’s career. “There is no denying how important the data Shazam collects is to the music industry; in recent years it has become almost an A&R tool for record labels and radio stations,” (Garvin, 2015). Musical apps are doing what radios can’t do which is allow the audience to be more interactive in what they want to listen too, and adding a consumer driven element to the music industry.

It’s not that the radio has become obsolete, on the contrary, the radio is now a tool, for playing the music which Shazam, and other apps direct them to play, and showing more control for the artist, and the listener. Technology plays a part in our past, present, and future, working together to create harmony within our music industry, and not take profit away from the artist, as previously some would have you believe. Bow Tie Kreative is about building independence, and providing solutions to companies, and individuals looking for empowerment and growth.


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