| The Future Of Eating Is Health

The Future Of Eating Is Health


How can we still indulge in fattening food and still remain healthy? Imagine a screen that pops up from a food tray, or at your restaurant table that shows a menu, and then when you make a selection nutritional factors pop up. “Future technologies will allow us to monitor our body’s vital conditions and compute the outcome of our actions on-the-fly. So you’ll know right away what it’s going to take to work off that Burger and Coke,” (Future Technology, 2010).

“The proportion of obese Canadians now sits at 20.2 per cent, up from just over 15 per cent in 2003,” (Ferreras, 2015). We are in a place now in Canada where the future of being healthy is becoming a priority concern. In developing countries this is less of a concern because active living, and healthy eating is a way of life. Having easy access to fruits and vegetables, as well as walking 3-5 Km in to town is a lifestyle. In the Western world, sedentary is our life style, indulging in rich unhealthy food has becoming our way to live, and we are ready for a change.

Bow Tie Kreative is ready for that change, we are about the future of health and looking at technologies that can help with this evolution to be healthy as a lifestyle. Whether it is developing apps attached to menus, or monitoring your vitals, and bringing health as a top priority into the lives of the Western World. Bow Tie Kreative - Software and Consulting Development Company - collectively rewriting history from the cloud.


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