| The eMat Brings Families & Technology Together

The eMat Brings Families & Technology Together


For the last two decades or so, parents and adults have been complaining about the amounts of time children and youth are spending on computers, I pad’s, and smartphones. Adults talk about how there was no computer when they were young, and they spent all their time playing outside. Meanwhile parents are too busy, and not interested in engaging with their kids on the computer, or game consoles. Bow Tie Kreative is interested in the future technological endeavor called the eMat.

We know that technology is here to stay and isn’t going anywhere. We also know that are kids are only going to get more involved with technology as it advances. The eMat is away for parents and adults to engage with kids, and technology during play so they are both engaged, and spending quality time together. “By using advanced technology in the future, you can strengthen families and create a more comfortable attitude of children and parents,” (GloriaSt, 2012).

Imagine educating your children on geology, dinosaurs, plants and rocks right on a OLED fabric. Imagine playing soccer indoors all interactive. “Show you child what the world looks like or swap it into a tent zone where you little one can sit under a carpet of stars right inside the comfort of the house,” (GloriaSt, 2012). Bow Tie Kreative sees a future in bringing families and technology together with an eMat. Bow Tie Kreative - Software and Consulting Development Company - collectively rewriting history from the cloud.


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Ryan Perez

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