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The Contact Lens for Tomorrow


Imagine at the convenience of a couple of long blinks your contact eye lens gives you a schedule of your day, pickup dry cleaning, drop kids off at soccer practice, date night with your partner. A convenience that is thinking forward not just about telling your schedule, but at many other practical applications as well. Bow Tie Kreative is interested in further studying these advances to aid in a complicated, and rushed world.

Other applications include biological sensing, “Given that a contact lens is intimately placed between the ocular surface and the tear film, it could conceivably house other types of detectors, sensitive to one or more of a range of bio-markers including cytokines, inflammatory mediators, hormones, osmolarity, pH or temperature. A good example is diabetes where the continuous monitoring of glucose levels in tears by means of contact lens mounted sensors has received some recent attention.6-9 The hope is that this approach might eliminate the finger prick test commonly used several times each day by many diabetics,” (Hale, 2014).

A way for people to organize their life, both from the outside and the inside. It will be one of the waves of the future that Bow Tie Kreative will be a part of. Bow Tie Kreative - Software and Consulting Development Company - collectively rewriting history from the cloud.


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