Remote System Air Traffic Controller

Between March and April 2011, “an air traffic controller fell asleep on the job in Miami,” (Stark, Dolak, 2011). Now no major incident occurred due to the safety of any individuals on any planes as a result, but anyone can see how this could be problem and something needs to be done to rectify the work shifts these individuals work. Some work midnight shifts for a week, and then the next week work day shifts. “The chief in charge of the study recommends controllers be allowed sleeping breaks of as long as 2.5 hours during midnight shifts,” Stark, Dolak, 2011).

Along with regular sleeping breaks, how about adding a remote system. Computer system doesn’t getting tired, can see other planes on extreme weather, and can see farther and in the dark, then a human. “The technology could revolutionize air traffic services, according to the UK's National Air Traffic Service (Nats),” (BBC News, 2015).

Bow Tie Kreative has long been a supporter of streamlining businesses with technology that reduces costs, and allows for system generated guidance. We already offer a design concepts that allow for all in one website streamlining invoicing, e-commerce with SEO, inventory, and marketing analysis. Imagine how we could further in the future develop more streamlining technology for example “The system would also allow for pop-up airports that the military could deploy in war zones - attaching the system of cameras to trucks rather than towers,” (BBC News, 2015). Bow Tie Kreative is about building independence, and providing solutions to companies, and individuals looking for empowerment and growth.


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