| Reinventing the Computer

Reinventing the Computer


Since the conception of the computer brought into homes in the 1980’s, it has followed the same protocol, with a keyboard, mouse, and saving files. Is the overall direction of how we use the computer going to change? “A company in Finland is looking into it “Solu” (that’s Finnish for “organic cell”) is a new type of computer that has just been announced,” (Lee, 2015).

Although “Solu is unlikely to get off the ground,” they are right about one the thing, the computer interface needs a new face. “The most noticeable is file management. No folders to be seen here – instead an interface that looks like a mind map, with projects and ideas grouped in little orbs and clusters…and when it comes to collaborating, there’s no emailing documents back and forth. Instead, Solu uses cloud computing to help people work together on documents at the same time,” (Lee, 2015).

Bow Tie Kreative is very interested in the future of computers and where they are headed. Whether it’s to link your computer to your house, have it voice activated to deliver any command. To eliminate the mouse for kinnect capability. We are excited about researching these abilities in the future. The Computer must and will change. Bow Tie Kreative - Software and Consulting Development Company - collectively rewriting history from the cloud.


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