| Reconnecting the Brain, and the Spinal Cord, After a Spinal Cord Injury

Reconnecting the Brain, and the Spinal Cord, After a Spinal Cord Injury


The spinal cord, is connected to the brain via a bundle of nerves, “it carries signals back and forth between your body and your brain. A spinal cord injury disrupts the signals…with a complete spinal cord injury, the cord can’t send signals below the level of the injury,” (Medline Plus, 2014). Brainwaves are still working, and everything above the spinal cord injury is still connected. The only thing that is stopping the area below the injury from working is its disconnection from the brain. “The brain is still able to create messages and the legs are still capable of receiving them,” (Medline Plus, 2014).

“Researchers at the University of California, Irving, used a brain-computer interface to bypass the damage in a man who had been paralyzed for five years,” (BBC Health, 2015). Using both an electroencephalogram to read the man’s brain, and strategically placed electrodes on the leg, communication between the brain, and legs below the spinal cord injury began.

Bow Tie Kreative wrote in a previous article about using video games to aid in rehabilitation, in the future Bow Tie Kreative we look into using a virtual video game in collaboration with brain reading technology communicated with electrodes below the area of spinal cord injury, to allow an individual to regain control of walking from being paralyzed. Bow Tie Kreative actively looking for ways to change the world.

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