| Developing Apps - Can Aid Refugees, and the European Union

Developing Apps - Can Aid Refugees, and the European Union


(Rodgers, Fletcher, Sears, Ashton, Yan, Atherton, Johnson, 2015)

The civil war in Syria is believed to have been since 2011. Since then there have been apparent attacks on civilians within the country by militants using chemical weapons. So absolutely, people from Syria are fleeing under refugee status, and if they can’t get to a refugee camp, they go to Europe to escape the war torn country.

Isle of Man’s last donation was 100,000 Francs. With the funds being allocated as such, what else can be done to aid the crisis from Syria, and the unorganized influx coming into Europe.

Isle of Man aid
The British red Cross £10,000
Christian Aid £10,000
CAFOD £10,000
Oxfam £10,000
Save the Children £10,000
UN High Commissioner for Refugees £50,000

(Vannin, 2015)

One idea, is to provide cell phones to people coming from refugee camps, and designing an App that would be placed on this phone allowing individuals the capability to alert government agencies, and families of their arrival and a time frame of the event. Giving government officials in European, and neighboring countries more control of timed arrivals, and planning of logistics for incoming arrivals and placement.

Bow Tie Kreative can create apps, with this capability, and welcome such ideas to aid in this crisis, for both individuals of refugee status, and the European Union. “Last month UK Prime Minister David Cameron told MPs the UK would accept up to 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years,” (Vannin, 2015). We would work within the European Union’s policy on refugee. Bow Tie Kreative is about building independence, and providing solutions to companies, and individuals looking for empowerment and growth.


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