| A new way to conduct electricity

A new way to conduct electricity


University of British Columbia’s Quantum Matter institute has discovered that way. In the future Bow Tie Kreative would research and combine efforts with other institutions in order to find more efficient ways of conducting and transferring electricity. “Graphene, roughly 200 times stronger than steel by weight, is a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb pattern…’ This is an amazing material,’ said Bart Ludbrook, a former PhD researcher in Damascelli's group at UBC. ‘Decorating monolayer graphene with a layer of lithium atoms enhances the graphene's electron-phonon coupling to the point where superconductivity can be stabilized,’ he said,” (Press Trust of India, Toronto, 2015).

This amazing material could be used in some amazing cross-disciplinary ways, such as Nano scale quantum devices, for example you could bring a device as small as a phone on a camping trip that could provide electricity. You could create electricity in developing countries in remote areas. Space ships and space stations could be streamlined and designed smaller for electrical input and output services. The way in which electricity is transferred and designed in homes would be different, and have impact on the structures, and stability could be more fortified.

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