About Bow Tie Kreative

Bow Tie Kreative is a online digital agency that specializes in building and marketing online businesses. Our team has over 15 years experience working brands, politicians, celebrities, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

BTK has worked over 40 brands + helping them do more with their online marketing presence. Bow Tie Kreative is more than just a web design agency. Based in beautiful Calgary, we believe in providing people with all the tools they need to create a digital footprint. 

In the changing virtual landscape, we realize that a website is just the start. We also offer plans that involve search engine optimization and social media campaigning. You'll never have to look further for all of your online business needs. We're on the job! BTK gives you the opportunity to focus on what's important, while we take care of your digital footprint.


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About Ryan Perez

Ryan Perez is a single father and entrepreneur from Alberta, Canada. Despite starting his life on the fringes of society, Ryan’s interest in music, art, and business allowed him to build a successful career in entrepreneurship. At present, he owns Bow Tie Kreative.

Hustle Zone

In addition, Ryan is the founder of the Hustle Zone – an online magazine that aims to grow the culture of entrepreneurship. The magazine has a host of different contributors, each with unique insight and experience in various entrepreneurial fields. Ryan is a public speaker and plays an active role in many local community initiatives.

Western Legacy Awards

At the age of 22, Ryan received the Calgary Stampede Western Legacy Award – a prestigious prize given to an outstanding youth who exhibits commitment to the Western heritage and values that the Southern Alberta region is known for.

Ryan cares about the community

Ryan has devoted his life to playing a key role in inspiring youth to live better lives. His passion lies in building strong communities. He was a past member of the Chief of Calgary Police Advisory Committee, where he spoke on behalf of black youth to help address concerns with police relations. He has also been involved in a range of other movements to help address racial issues in Canada. He has worked with non-profits such as the African-Caribbean United Foundation of Alberta, Calgary International Reggae Festival, Black History Foundation of Canada, and the Isshin Institute.